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Brain Arterial Vascular Territories (Illustration)

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Arterial Vascular Territories of the Brain (Click to enlarge)


Posterior cerebral artery (PCA)Midbrain,thalamus,inferomedial temporal lobe, occipital lobe,splenium
Anterior cerebral artery (ACA)Medial frontal-parietal lobes, anterior aspect of the corpus callosum, internal capsule
Middle cerebral artery (MCA)Lateral aspects of frontal, parietal lobes
Lateral lenticulostriate arteries(branches of MCA): (LLSA)Basal ganglia
Medial lenticulostriate artery (branch of ACA) :(MLSA)Head of caudate,anteroinferior internal capsule
Anterior choroidal artery (branch of ICA) : (AChA)Hippocampus, posterior limb of the internal capsule
Superior cerebellar artery (SCA)The superior surface of the cerebellum
Anterior inferior cerebellar artery (AICA)Anteroinferior lateral aspect of cerebellum
Posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA)The inferior surface of the cerebellum
Vertebral artery (VA)Medulla


Have a look at the non-contrast CT image below. Is there an acute stroke? If yes, what vascular territory is involved? Let me know in the comments.

Dense left MCA sign with acute infarct
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Left Dense MCA sign - Acute infarct
Left Dense MCA sign – Acute infarct

Illustration by #TeamGyan member Dr. Bhargavi Sovani

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