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Radiology Exam Resources

Free Radiology Exam resources!

There are a lot of free radiology resources online but before the exams, it is difficult to browse through all of them. Also, you might just end up surfing from one website to another without actually learning anything. A lot of FREE to share radiology notes are available which are usually circulated in private social channels like WhatsApp and Telegram. I have tried to compile all of these at one place so that it is easy for residents to read before the exam. These are FREE to download in PDF, PPT format.

The page is best viewed on a desktop. Make sure you bookmark this page for future updates (Control + D on Windows and Command + D on Mac). Please share the page with your friends and colleagues so that maximum people will benefit.

The folder includes:

  • List of DNB / MD / DMRD practical exam cases.
  • Subjectwise Spotter presentations and Quizes.
  • DNB radiodiagnosis logbook
  • Viva material
  • System wise Oral Recalls
  • Intervention Radiology instruments
  • Lots more!

All we request is to share the content on social media so that more people can get access to it. Once you share you will be able to browse through the Google drive folder for useful Radiology Exam resources. All credits to the original creator of these.

Radiology Exam Resources:


The files currently in the folder are as follows:

DNB : MD: DMRD Radiodiagnosis Radiology long cases and spotters list.pdf
DNB Radiodiagnosis log book RadioGyan
Barnard College Radiology Notes.pdf
IRIA Radiology 2018 quiz.pptx
Radiology Flashcards-RadioGyan.pdf
Collection of Chest Cases by Dr. Hamdi Turkey- RadioGyan.pdf
List of Short-cases RadioGyan.pdf
Oral Recalls Chest RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls GI RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls GU RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls interventional radiology RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls Mammography RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls MSK RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls Neuroradiology RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls Nuclear Medicine RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls Peds RadioGyan.ppt
Oral Recalls US RadioGyan.ppt
Viva material RadioGyan.pdf
Cardiac Radiology Review – RadioGyan.ppt
Pediatric Radiology Review RadioGyan.ppt
Neuroradiology radiology Review RadioGyan Part 2.ppt
Neuroradiology Review RadioGyan Part 1.pptx
MSK radiology Review RadioGyan.ppt
Mammography review Radiogyan.ppt
Interventional Radiology Part 2 Radiogyan.ppt
Interventional Radiology Part 1 Radiogyan.pptx
Gastrointestinal Radiology Review RadioGyan.ppt
Chest Radiology Review Part 1- RadioGyan.ppt
Instruments and catheters for table vivaMust follow rules for PCPNDT.pdf

Check the screenshot below:

List of free PDF and PPTs Radiology exam resources
List of free to download resources for radiology exams

If you wish to share any relevant exam resources you can contact us or share it in our telegram group.

Other useful resources for radiology residents:

Radiology Spotters (Quiz) Cases

Guide for final year radiology residents and tips for the MD/DNB/DNB radiology exam!

Tips and Tricks for DNB/MD Radiology Practical Exam

Radiology Practical Exams Questions compilation for MD/DNB/DMRD !


NOTE: The files uploaded in this folder are not owned/ downloaded by me. They are available on various file-sharing websites and I compiled them for convenience. These are intended to help radiology residents with their practical exams without any commercial motives.
We at respect copyright and if you have issues with any of the uploaded files you can request us to remove them at Contact

You are free to use the files as you wish. Comment below and let us know what was the best radiology resource that helped you in the exams!

Do share the page with your radiology colleagues!

If you like what you read, do consider it sharing it with your friends and colleagues!

9 thoughts on “Radiology Exam Resources”

  1. Krupa

    Can u post the drive link… I cant find it

    1. Hi Krupa
      You need to share the page on Twitter or like the Facebook page to access the link.
      This is so that the content reaches to maximum people.
      If you are not able to access the link after that, let me know.

  2. Dr nitin

    Liked the page on Facebook but don’t get the link for download of Dr tamer elhiti notes

  3. Aaron Smith

    I have shared on Twitter but got an error that google drive sent an invalid response. I tried incognito as well with the same result. Could I get the link?

    A. Smith M.D.

  4. sabry mohamed abd el hamed mohamed

    the resources is ready to open now .
    thank you.

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