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Radiology is a vast subject and there are tons of books available. Given the shortage of time, a radiology resident needs to carefully choose what books he should to read. There are lots of resources available on the internet, including articles, case collections, and e-books. But trust me as a first-year resident you SHOULD start off by reading standard textbooks. Because there are so many resources on the internet, you will end up collecting them / browsing through them without reading them. These are definitely great resources and you should use them, but once you have got your basics clear by reading books. Another trend which I have observed in residents is reading e-books on iPads and tablets. My experience is that you would retain a lot more once you read ACTUAL books. My suggestion would be to keep them handy as references on your iPad and Kindles, especially the ones on normal anatomy, while you are reporting. You can read about a particular case when you encounter one during your practice But for building up core concepts you SHOULD stick to ACTUAL books!

I have compiled a list of best radiology books for residents based on the ones I have found helpful during my residency and fellowship. There are loads of other books available in each subspecialty, but these are books which I can vouch for. In each subject,  the first book would be a basic one and the ones that follow are for advanced reading. This article is written from the Indian perspective with links to Amazon, but the books are available all over. The advantage in buying the original copies is that you get free access to the digital online copies of these with added content like videos. I know the list is long and it is not economically viable for a first-year radiology resident to buy ALL books, but you can always read the reference books in the library or alternatively share books with your colleagues.

Subject-wise list of recommended radiology books for Residents:

General Radiology books:

  • Textbook of Radiology & Imaging by Sutton :
    • Great book to start off as a first year resident.
    • This is what most of the examiners have read and follow so a must have to clear the practicals.
    • Chest radiology is given really well. The first chapter in that section is a must read for exams.
  • Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology  :
    • Although it is difficult to read two general radiology books, I think Sutton and Grainger are complimentary.
    • The chapter on Abdominal Radiograph is a must read for exams.
  • Chapman & Nakielny's Aids to Radiological Differential Diagnosis
    • Quintessential book for all radiology resident.
    • MUST read for practicals.
    • It becomes difficult to remember all the differentials as the format is repetitive. But then there is no option!
    • Also, do have a look at the second part of the book. It gives around 30-40 disease entities with point-wise radiology findings for each. Precise and easy to revise.
  • Radiology Review Manual - Dahnert
    • A reference book for differentials.
    • Has good illustrations which can come in handy in the theory exams.
    • Do read the text on various signs of Hydatid disease from this book. Explained quite well.
  • Learning Radiology: Recognizing the Basics
  • Known Unknowns Of Everyday Radiology Practice.
    • Small handbook which discusses practical radiology issues like radiation safety and contrast reactions
    • Must have in any radiology department.
    • Read the full review here.
  • Clark's Positioning In Radiography
    • Reference book a copy of which is usually kept in all radiology departments.
    • Difficult to remember positioning just by reading. The best way is to head to the radiography department. (We used to not only acquire radiographs during emergencies but also used to develop them manually!! ).

Important mentions:

Chest Radiology books:

Body Imaging book:

Gastrointestinal Radiology books:

Musculoskeletal radiology books (MSK)

Neuroradiology books:

Head and Neck Imaging books:

Emergency Radiology books

Pediatric Radiology Books

Ultrasound books:

Physics books:

  • Christensen’s Physics of Diagnostic Radiology
    • Great book to start off during the first year.
    • Covers basic  X-ray and fluoroscopy physics quite well.
    • Not that good for USG/CT/MR physics.
  • Farr's Physics for Medical Imaging
    • Covers everything from radiography to nuclear medicine.
    • Concise text with reproducible line diagrams.
    • Must read for those interested in appearing for the FRCR.
    • One of the best reads for radiation protection.
  • The Fundamentals of X-Ray and Radium Physics by Joseph Selman
    • Darkroom, film recovery and qualities affecting film quality are topics to be referred to.
  • Chesney
    • X-ray film and grids are given well.
  • MRI made easy Govind Chavhan
    • MUST read.
    • Covers all aspects of MR physics.
    • MR artifacts are covered really well. Often asked in the theory exams as a long question.

Anatomy books:

Procedures and Interventional radiology books:

Books for the MD/DNB/DMRD theory exams

  • Diagnostic Radiology Berry
    • These books do not need a separate introduction.
    • Most read books for theory exams.
    • Covers most of the questions asked in the exams.
    • Recent advances books is a must-read for viva as well.

Also, check out our guides for the radiology theory exams and practicals.

Case-based imaging and spotter books:

Nuclear Medicine Books:

Cardiac Imaging books

Mammography and breast imaging books

Other systems

I don’t think separate books are needed for cardiac imaging, pediatrics and breast imaging at a resident level. General radiology books cover these systems quite well. For practicing radiologists the radiology requisites series is good for specialty reading.

A complete guide for the FRCR and the relevant books are available here: Guide to the FRCR exam.

Books for the ABR core exams and boards:

Although the FRCR exam has been covered in detail in a separate post, we have listed the book recommendations for the exam.

First FRCR  examination

You can check out the complete article here:

FRCR Exam: THE most comprehensive guide (2019)!

Recommended Radiology books for medical students

Although radiology is not one of the major subjects in medical school, it is increasingly being integrated into everyday clinical practice and hence it is imperative for medical students to be cognizant with the basics of radiology. Also after the introduction of NEET entrance exam, radiology has assumed more importance in the entrance exams. These are a few books which medical students can read for learning the basics of radiology and help them with these exams as well.

Resources and books for medical students

Radiology books for entrance exams like NEET/AIIMS / PGI

Click here for a list of all Radiology Books available with Amazon or search

Check our all radiology books in your Amazon store!

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Free resources for radiology residents

We have compiled a list of free to download radiology resources. These include free to download PDF books and presentations (PPT).

Radiology Exam Resources

Hopefully, you find this list of recommended books for radiology residents useful. If I have missed any book you can contact me here.

P.S. Make sure you buy the latest edition while buying online. Also, a lot of websites and telegram groups offer free radiology books PDFs but I would not recommend these and you should prefer reading books in the physical form.


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