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Radiology OSCE Cases for DNB and other Exams

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Welcome to our Radiology OSCE Cases category page! If you’re preparing for exams in the field of radiology, you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we have handpicked a collection of OSCE cases specifically designed to help you sharpen your diagnostic skills and excel in your assessments.

Whether you’re a medical student, resident, or a practicing radiologist looking for some extra practice, these cases will provide you with valuable learning opportunities. So dive in, explore the different scenarios, and challenge yourself to make accurate diagnoses based on radiological findings. Get ready to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence in tackling radiology OSCEs!

These questions are based on the Indian DNB exam system but can be beneficial for all radiology residents. Each page has a single Aunt-Minnie Radiology case image followed by four short questions. These questions are based on previously asked DNB Radiology OSCE questions. Answers are expected to be short and precise. There is a timer for 4 minutes to attempt these, one minute per question. Answers are displayed below with a single best reference article for further reading. As with other membership content pages, these pages have zero ads and the sidebars have been removed for distraction free learning.

Here is a case example (GIF):

Radiology OSCE cases example GIF
Radiology OSCE cases example GIF

Thanks to our contributors, Dr Disha Lokhandwala and Dr. Mansi Sarmalkar for compiling these questions.

You can access these directly from individual spotter sets as well (check screenshot).

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Quick video tutorial on how to make the most of these radiology OSCE cases:

Also check out our detailed guide on how to ace your DNB Radiology OSCE Exams:

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