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Dr. Amar Udare, MD

Dr. Amar Udare has completed medical school from KEM Hospital Mumbai and radiology residency from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He is a board-certified radiologist. He has also completed fellowships in body imaging from Mumbai and Ottawa and is currently pursuing a fellowship in cross-section imaging at McMaster University, Canada.He has a passion for teaching and his area of interest is body imaging. He started the website, RadioGyan to share radiology resources and cases to help residents and radiologists (#FOAMrad #radiology). He was a semi-finalist for the 2018 and 2020 Aunt-Minnie Most effective Radiology Educator Award. You can read my most recent publications on: PubMed and Google Scholar

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish – Dr. Aditya Daftary

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish Dr. Aditya Daftary

Dr. Aditya Daftary shares in this radiology discussion video about the importance of being true to oneself and finding happiness by making a positive impact without depending on others’ perceptions of success. He emphasizes the significance of pursuing passions and individuality while educating patients and colleagues about medical imaging. Dr. Daftary also shares tips on …

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FRCR Exam – How to Clear ALL Three Steps [As a Radiology Resident]

FRCR Exam Radiology Residency

I’m Dr. Khader Baksh, 3rd year DNB Radiology Resident from Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai, India and this is the story of how I passed FRCR during my residency. I began preparing for FRCR as soon as I joined my residency. The detailed guide on RadioGyan website and the youtube channel about the process and application was …

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Colle Fracture – Distal Radial Fracture

Frontal and lateral radiographs showing Colle fracture radius

Quiz Which of the following is NOT A feature of this fracture? Pathophysiology Colle fracture is characterized as an extra-articular fracture of the radial metaphysis caused by a fall on an outstretched hand (FOOSH), typically pronated forearm in wrist extension) causing dorsal angulation of the distal fracture fragment. Key Imaging Features  Radiographs:  Assessment on the …

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 Benign Lymphoepithelial Cysts of the Parotid gland

Benign Lymphoepithelial Cysts Parotid Gland HIV CT

Quiz Benign lymphoepithelial lesions are associated with all of the following except? Pathophysiology Benign lymphoepithelial lesions occur in the parotid gland as an early manifestation of HIV infection.  Lymphoepithelial cysts are thought to arise from cystic dilatation of terminal salivary ducts from obstruction due to lymphatic proliferation. Similar changes can also be seen in Sjogren …

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MRI STIR Image showing subchondral bone marrow edema in Sacroilitis

Quiz Sacroiliitis is associated with all the following diseases EXCEPT?  Pathophysiology Sacroiliitis is the inflammation of the sacroiliac joint and is associated with a wide range of spondyloarthropathies.  Assessment of SpondyloArthritis International Society (ASAS) criteria for inflammatory back pain in patients with back pain for >3 months include (4 out of  must be present for …

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Fibrous Dysplasia

CT Fibrous dysplasia frontal bone

Quiz Which of the following syndromes is NOT associated with Fibrous dysplasia?  Pathophysiology Fibrous dysplasia (FD) is a benign bone disease wherein osteoblasts do not normally differentiate, leading to immature bone and fibrous stroma. Key Imaging Features  Slide the image for an annotated image. Radiographs:  Fibrous Dysplasia can have a lucent appearance on radiographs and …

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