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COVID-19 Radiology Update – Angiopathy, Mucormycosis, and more…

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The pandemic is far from over. On one hand, we have started understanding it better while on the other hand there are newer complications such as vasculopathy and mucormycosis (black fungus). In this video, we provide an update to the imaging features of coronavirus (COVID-19) that radiologists should be aware of. You can jump to the desired section of the video by using the time-stamps shared below.

COVID-19: What MORE a Radiologist MUST know!
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0:00 Introduction
1:40 Talk starts
3:55 HRCT Manifestations and signs in COVID 19 pneumonia
10:00 Mimics and differential diagnosis for COVID-19 pneumonia
18:00 Specific Sign for COVID-19 – Angiopathy
25:25 CO-RADS scoring of coronavirus pneumonia
30:00 CT Severity Score
35:50 Follow-ups, Fibrosis, and Quantification
41:35 Axillary Lymphadenopathy post COVID-19 vaccine
42:40 Mucormycosis (Black Fungus)- Pathophysiology
46:20 Rhino-ocular-cerebral mucormycosis
54:20 Pulmonary Mucormycosis
59:20 Questions and Answers with Dr. Parang Sanghavi

Speaker: Dr. Parang Sanghavi, Consultant Radiologist at Picture this by Jankharia, Mumbai. Also, a co-author of the white paper by the Society of Chest Imaging and Intervention (SCII) titled “Role of CT Chest in Covid-19”. 

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1 thought on “COVID-19 Radiology Update – Angiopathy, Mucormycosis, and more…”

  1. Great Post! It’s important to note that developments related to COVID-19 are rapidly evolving, and healthcare professionals rely on ongoing research and updates to refine their understanding and management of the disease. Interpretation of radiological findings should be done in conjunction with clinical and laboratory information, and information should be obtained from reputable sources and peer-reviewed literature.

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