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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding YouTube Memberships (For Previous Video Recordings )

1. What are the benefits of YouTube Memberships?
You get access to ALL previously recorded lectures. Currently, there are 3 member-only in-depth radiology teaching videos each lasting around an hour. 

2. How can I join YouTube memberships? 
Click here to join: RadioGyan Memberships. Alternatively, you can click the JOIN button below any of our videos. It is right beside the SUBSCRIBE button. 
Choose TeamGyan Learner if you want access to old videos. 
Choose TeamGyan Supporter if you wish to support our work. 

3A. Where can I find the list of member-only videos?
Click here to check member-only videos: TeamGyan Learner Video Playlist. Bookmark this page / save it as ALL future member-only videos will be updated in this playlist. 

3B. How many lectures are there available for members?
These are constantly being updated. Check the video playlist for details.

4. I have signed up but I cannot access these videos. Why?
You may have signed up for TeamGyan Supporter. You will have to upgrade to TeamGyan Learner. YouTube gives instructions on how to change your membership level.  Unfortunately, the tech side is handled by YT and I have no control over it. If you cannot change your membership, you can simply cancel it and chose the other one that suits you. 

5. I am not able to make the payment for memberships. 
Unfortunately, YouTube handles the tech so there is nothing that can be done other than contact them for support. 

6. I am a member of RadioGyan.com but I cannot access these videos. Why?
The website and YT membership are not connected at the moment. In the future, I plan to merge these two but currently, there is no timeline for that. 

7. I cannot afford this currently. What are my options? 
The current membership payments are kept very low so that everyone can get access. I understand that everyone may not be able to afford it. For that reason, ALL live talks are free. You can subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications by clicking the bell icon beside the subscribe button so that you get notified when we go live or upload a new video. That way, you won’t be missing any content. We go live every Saturday. You can check the schedule and local timing here: RadioGyan Teaching Sessions.

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About the Author

Dr. Amar Udare, MD, DNB

Dr Amar UdareDr. Amar Udare is a board-certified radiologist. He is currently working as a fellow radiologist at McMaster University, Canada. He has a passion for teaching (#FOAMrad and #FOAMed) and has been a semi-finalist for the 2018 and 2020 Aunt-Minnie Most effective Radiology Educator Awards. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications which can be accessed on PubMed and Google Scholar.