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RadioGyan Turns Three – The Journey So Far!

RadioGyan One year journey

RadioGyan.com completed three years in June 2021 (3rd June 2019 to be precise)! I skipped the second-year review as I was busy. This year I compiled the 2021 Radiogyan Annual Report before it skips my mind. Read till the very end as I reveal how much the website earns monthly 🤑. So far it has been a memorable journey and I would like to share an account of it every year. You can read the first blog here where I talk about why I came up with the website and how I put it together: RadioGyan Turns ONE – The Journey So Far!


First of all, I would like to thank YOU, the readers. You guys have been extremely kind the past year and have helped the growth of the website by sharing content and by giving valuable feedback. Thank you, #TeamGyan for being a part of the RadioGyan community!

Stats for Nerds – Numbers Don’t Lie!

Yay Happy Excited GIF
  • More than 472432 users served so far with almost 1.5 million pageviews!
  • Visitors from more than 200 countries (212 / 230 countries).
RadioGyan Stats up to 2021
Traffic Stats from Countries for RadioGyan 2021

Website Content

I will be honest, this year I have not been able to contribute much to the website given the work that we are doing on our social media channels (listed below). Despite this, we did come up with a few good articles. Here are a few notable ones:

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RadioGyan YouTube Channel – 0 to 9000 subscribers!

I always thought that video is a better way to teach rather than text but have always been shy of the camera. I am not a great public speaker and was hesitant to do anything on video. To add to it I did not have the right equipment: No good cameras or fancy microphones. To add to it, our place is close to the hospital and on the top floor of a high-rise apartment so there is a ton of background noise. My mantra so far has been to try and not care about the result. So I did try to create a video despite these shortcomings and here is my first attempt at recording video:

Sad Gif

This is the first video that I uploaded on YouTube. It took me more than 5 hours to create this and it turned out to be pretty disappointing. Although the content was pretty good, the audio quality was pretty bad. I was too dejected to upload anything for the next 4 months. In the meanwhile, the pandemic hit, and in-person radiology education was no longer possible. There was a barrage of online webinars and like others, I thought of using Zoom for teaching. We had a good response to case-based teaching sessions and I started uploading recordings on our YouTube channel.

I realized that I am not good at pre-recorded video but am good when I do live talks. So instead of sharing pre-recording videos, I started doing live classes. With each lecture, I kept getting better. The video quality improved. I gradually upgraded my audio setup. I started with a basic in-ear microphone. I then got a pair of basic headphones with a microphone which improved the audio quality a lot!

Here is a sneak peek into my current setup:

Current YouTube Set up RadioGyan Amar Udare

Recently I upgraded to the Blue-Yeti Microphone which is a professional microphone with amazing audio! My primary computer is a Macbook Pro 2020 version (Unfortunately I bought this just before the M1 came out. Major FOMO 😅). I also bought a second display to make it easier to check comments during live streams – an affordable 21 inch Dell Monitor. I also use my iPad occasionally when I am short of screens.

Lately, I have collaborated with a few colleagues and we have been doing regular teaching sessions on Saturday which has helped our growth. Thanks to Dr. Avni Skandhan, Dr. Venkatesh Manchikanti, and Dr. Ameya Kulkarni for contributing to teaching sessions.

Click here to access all previous recordings.

Here are the results: We now have more than 60 videos, almost 9000 subscribers and thousands of views for our videos!

Getting Started is More Important Than Succeeding.
Me, after checking our YouTube Stats
YouTube Stats RadioGyan 2021

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  1. Dr. Fadi

    May God give you the health and power and regard you well for your efforts of education for its a great deal and its considered a good way of worshiping in Islam. 💐

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