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Case-based learning (Spotters) | What is Included? | Reviews | FAQs

Spotters / Spot radiology cases are crucial for clearing your exams. Be it the MD / DNB / DMRD exam or other competitive exams such as the EDiR exam. The reason why these are important is that they are objective. In your practical exam, long and short cases are unpredictable. You may get a tough case from a system you have not prepared well. Also, your viva can go anywhere, depending on the examiner and your answers. It is tough to prepare for that section. All you can do is practice presenting and HOPE! That is not the case with Spotters.

Spot cases in most cases are all or none. You either know the diagnosis, or you don’t. Answers are scored objectively and not depending on the examiner’s evaluation of you (and their mood sometimes!). I believe that if you prepare your spotters well, you can secure a decent score irrespective of the rest of the practical. It is also important to note that spotters are usually the first component of the exam, and if you do well, you will go into the rest of the exam super-confident!

What exams are these radiology cases useful for? Here is a list based on user feedback:

  • MD / DMRD / DNB Radiology Exam.
  • FRCR Exam for the UK.
  • European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR)
  • ABR Core Radiology Exam
  • OSCE-Based Canadian Radiology Board Exams
  • FRANZR Exams for Australia
  • Anyone who wishes to upgrade their Radiology knowledge!

Hence, I have created this spotter collection to help you clear your radiology exam. These radiology cases have been selected by a few of my colleagues and me over years of practice and include a few of the most commonly asked questions in the exam. Currently, there are more than 700 cases in the collection covering multiple systems, and I intend to add more sets gradually.

Hi, My Name is Dr. Amar Udare.

I am a board-certified radiologist and radiology education is my passion. My goal is to help YOU prepare for your radiology board exams.

Dr Amar Udare
Dr Amar Udare

What is included in the membership?

  • All 700+ Aunt-Minnie Radiology cases on RadioGyan for three months / one year, depending on your subscription. Access them here:
  • 300+ cases have detailed video descriptions. These will help you understand the case and answer relevant OSCE-style questions. If you are not able to find these, check this GIF. Videos are hosted on a premium platform with no ads (unlike YouTube).
  • Access to RadioGyan Radiology Community – A safe space for you to share and learn. Access details: Radiology Community
  • Exclusive, members-only posts, including ALL our previous YouTube videos [+1000 minutes content]. Access here: Member-only radiology content.
  • Zero Ads on member pages so that your learning is distraction-free.
  • Sidebar has been removed, and the images are larger natively on the desktop.
  • Priority support from me in case you have any doubts about particular cases.
  • The yearly subscription is cheaper than 4 quarterly subscriptions, but you can choose either depending on your exam schedule.

These are unbiased, unedited reviews from previous residents who have used these spotters for their radiology exams:

  1. 100 % of the residents stated that these were useful for their exams.
  2. More than 45 % of cases were from the case collection/companion cases/explanation.
  3. Nearly 95% of radiologists agree that these help them with their routine reporting.
  4. More than 80% of students were happy with the interface.


Read what past students have to say – RadioGyan Membership Reviews.

RadioGyan spotters collection is a perfect combination of rare and important cases, both for exam preparation as well as for general practice. The images are crystal clear, and there is no controversy in the radiological findings. Every exam-going student that I know practices spotters from RadioGyan. Further, a few of the spot sessions are system-wise, which helps when we prepare for the examination in a pattern of different modules. I would highly recommend every radiology trainee go through these cases and enhance their knowledge. A great deal of dedication and hard work is needed to create and maintain such a collection!
Dr. Ayush Jain
Senior Resident, Department of Radiology, Maulana Azad Medical College and associated Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi
“This is one of the most comprehensive collections of spotters available to someone preparing for board MD/DNB final exams. The image quality is consistently good, the diagnoses are unambiguous, and the viewer works without glitches on all my devices! Some of them are organized into systems as well which allows for more flexibility when preparing and practicing. I have personally benefited from them and it helped me score high in my exams as well!”
Devpriyo Pal
Radiologist, India
Great collection. Excellent description for Differential diagnosis which is fruitful and must to remember.
Dr. Patel Ronitkumar Anilbhai
Radiology Resident

Here is what our users say:

Here are unedited reviews for the spotter collection from Residents who have cleared their exams:

RadioGyan Membership Spotter Collection Review
RadioGyan Membership Spotter Collection Review

You can also access live updated Google Sheet by clicking here: RadioGyan Membership Review

I intend to add more resources to these sections to consolidate YOUR learning. Trust me; you will get at least get a few cases from our case collection in your radiology board exam. These spotters have helped thousands of residents to clear their exams, and you would benefit from them. Make sure you solve these at least two times before your exam.

To-do list as per suggestions from students:

  • More spotter cases.
  • OSCE type exam questions
  • System-wise and modality wise spotter cases
  • Video explanation for ALL case sets.
  • Access to previous YouTube videos. These are now available. Details: RadioGyan Member Benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dr. Amar Udare, MD Radiology.

University Gold Medalist.

Aunt-Minnie Best Radiology Educator Nominee (2018 and 2020)

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Dr. Amar Udare, MD, DNB

Dr Amar Udare Dr. Amar Udare is a board-certified radiologist. He is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Calgary. He has a passion for teaching (#FOAMrad and #FOAMed) and has been a semi-finalist for the 2018 and 2020 Aunt-Minnie Most effective Radiology Educator Awards. He has authored multiple peer-reviewed publications which can be accessed on PubMed and Google Scholar.


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