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What to Expect AFTER clearing the FRCR Exam?

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In this video we discuss what to expect after you clear the FRCR Exam.

I am sure most of you must have read our exhaustive FRCR Blog. A lot of you had questions on what should one expect after clearing the exam? Questions such as:

What happens AFTER you clear the FRCR exam?
Where all can you practice? How should you find jobs?
Is it easy to get a job?
How much cost does it take to settle in the UK and is the pay enough?
How is the work-life balance in the UK?
What is the salary of a radiologist in the UK?

We decided to answer these in a live webinar by Dr. Tejas Kapadia, (DNB, FRCR, MMed) Consultant Paediatric Radiologist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, UK. If you have cleared the exam, this will help you prepare for the next steps to practice in the UK as a radiologist. For those who are planning to give the exam, this will help you understand how life is in the UK as a radiologist.

Here are the time stamps for the video and things that we cover:

0:00 Introduction
2:25 Talk Begins
5:55 Steps to move to the UK after FRCR
6:45 English Tests for FRCR (IELTS UKVI, Occupational English Test, UK NARIC)
10:23 How to find radiology jobs in the UK (NHS Trust Hospitals, Locum posts, CESR etc)
16:14 Visas for Radiologists (Work Visa)
16:50 Working as a Radiologist in the UK (Job Plan Discussion, local training, CPD activities, and REALM discrepancy meetings, leaves, pay scale)
28:40 Work-life balance for Radiologists in the UK (including expenses)
32:40 Radiology Fellowships in the UK
34:50 Global Radiologist Earn Learn and Return Scheme
37:23 Radiology in India vs the UK
40:40 Questions and Answers

You can also watch this video on our YouTube Channel with clickable timestamps in the description: FRCR Exam Done. What Next?

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