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Radiology Practical Exams Questions compilation for MD/DNB/DMRD !

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Radiology Practical Questions

MD/DNB/DMRD Radiology Practical Exams Questions compilation!


Radiology Practical exams can be tricky, especially for DNB candidates. DNB candidates are usually allocated centers other than their own college/hospital. These can be conducted anywhere in India and the difficulty level depends on each center and the examiners that are going to conduct the exams. The examination system, in general, is flawed as it is not ideal to judge someone’s radiology knowledge on the basis of his or her performance on one day. A candidate can be sincere all throughout his residency and one bad day can cost him 6 months or one year, which is not fair.  To add to the misery the examiners can at times be strict which makes things worse. Passing rates at a few centers and for particular examiners can be abysmal. The system has been criticized in the national radiology journal, IJRI by prominent radiologist Dr. Bhavin Jhankaria in his article titled: “Why examiners should not forget to be decent human beings” and the reply to the above article titled: “Non-destructive testing in DNB/MD examination”.

All said and done, the chances of this improving in the near future are bleak. So to help residents we are trying to collect commonly asked questions in MD/ DNB / DMRD radiology/ radiodiagnosis exams. The list is compiled using the responses of candidates from this form.

It includes spotters,  cases and viva questions.  You can also refer to this post for final-year residents for more exam related resources.

Downloadable resources for radiology exam are available on this page:

Radiology Exam Resources (Oral Recalls, Instruments, etc )!


I request all residents who have cleared their exams to fill up this form. This will not take even a couple of minutes and the database we create can be useful for all future residents. For current residents, I would urge them to request their seniors to fill-up the form. We have kept the form anonymous so that people can give their frank opinion. Also, there is no moderation of the form so kindly use this only for your reference. This list is no way exhaustive. The goal of this post is also not creating a bad impression about particular centers as it is a very subjective criterion. A particular center can be tough for someone on a particular day but to someone else, it can be easy.

Although the sheet is compiled using experiences of Indian candidates at their radiodiagnosis practical exams, a few of the cases and questions are common for North American (US/ Canada) board review exams/ FRCR exam.

The Google sheet is best viewed on a desktop browser!

You can view/share the sheet in full-screen mode from here as well: Radiology Practical exams Questions.

Here is the Google form for the sheet:

Best of luck with your radiology practical exams!  May the force be with you!

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    Thanks for the article! Can you please guide me with the best radiology books, as I want to pursue radiology as my career.

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