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Spotters Set 35 – Interventional radiology wires and catheters!

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Interventional radiology wires and catheters

A nice lecture on Interventional Radiology instruments:

  • Also, watch this YouTube playlist for Interventional Radiology spotters and table viva questions: Radiology Practical exam Videos
  • We have also collected instruments and viva images. These can be accessed on our exam resources page:

Radiology Exam Resources

  • We are preparing a blog on the basics of interventional radiology (IR) so that residents are aware of it before they chose it as a career option. Do take out some time and fill this questionnaire so that we know what are your queries and that will help make the blog better. Do share it with your radiology colleagues and friends so that we are able to answer maximum queries. Here is the questionnaire :

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2 thoughts on “Spotters Set 35 – Interventional radiology wires and catheters!”

  1. Steve Jones

    Great read! Interventional radiologists take imaging technology a step further by using it to treat certain diseases and conditions. These professionals create electronic maps to guide their instruments as they insert catheters, remove malignant tissue and perform other delicate procedures. This gentle approach allows patients to recover faster and with fewer complications.

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