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Radiology conferences in India 2019

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Radiology conferences in India 2019

  • The window for the conferences will load above the title. It may take longer to load on mobile devices.
  • Conferences and CMEs are the best way to keep yourself updated with the recent advances in radiology.
  • Upcoming radiology conferences and CME in India are updated in the above window from latest to old, upwards.
  • These are especially important for practicing radiologists as its difficult to balance academics and private practice. Conferences which cover topics which we encounter in our routine practice are more helpful than those which primarily focus on advanced imaging methods.
  • Residents should avoid attending conferences in their first year of radiology as there is not much to gain. That time will be more productive if spent in the department.

Updated list of conferences with details, Courtesy REF India. If you are seeing old conferences in this list clear your browser cache. Here is how you do that: Clearing browser cache.

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Radiology Conferences – A comprehensive guide!

  • For final year residents, there are a lot of exam-oriented conferences like:
  • You can find more conference updates at the following websites:
  • Bookmark this page to know about upcoming radiology conferences in India.
  • Lots of conferences are being organized these days and this is an attempt to list all of them at one place.
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  • If you wish your conference brochure to be uploaded can contact us.
  • Most of the details are available in the brochures. If any of the brochures do not have one, a simple google search with the name of the conference will take you to the right page.
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  • We are not affiliated to any of the conferences and neither have any conflict of interest. This is just to get all the recent updates at one place.