Why did I take up Radiology?

Why did I take up Radiology? How is radiology as a career choice? What made you take up radiology over other branches? This is a common question that a lot of undergraduate medical students have, especially after clearing their entrance exams (and securing a good rank without which getting into Radiology is quite difficult!). Every […]

FRCR exam preparation – An alternative take!

FRCR exam preparation – An alternative take! We already have published a couple of articles on preparation for the FRCR exam including a comprehensive guide. In this guest post, Dr. Pooja Hegde would like to share her FRCR exam preparation strategy! It is a very interesting take on the exam, definitely something that no one would have […]

FRCR 2B exam- Tips and Tricks !

FRCR 2B exam – Recent experience and a few tips and tricks!  This a guest post by Dr. Saurabh Joshi, a colleague and a good friend of mine who recently cleared the FRCR 2B exam. He shares his experience and tips and tricks that helped him sail through all the steps. He has also contributed […]

Tips and Tricks for DNB/MD Radiology Practical Exam

Tips and Tricks for DNB/MD Radiology Practical Exam Exams, in general, are tricky and the Indian system of evaluation is far from perfect. The same is true for the radiology practical exam and especially for NBE/DNB (National Board of Examination / Diplomate of National Board). Multiple in-training assessments are better ways to assess the worthiness […]

Radiology Practical Exams Questions compilation for MD/DNB/DMRD !

MD/DNB/DMRD Radiology Practical Exams Questions compilation! Radiology Practical exams can be tricky, especially for DNB candidates. DNB candidates are usually allocated centers other than their own college/hospital. These can be conducted anywhere in India and the difficulty level depends on each center and the examiners that are going to conduct the exams. The examination system, in […]

Radiology thesis – More than 300 Thesis topics for reference!

Radiology thesis: Introduction: Thesis or dissertation as some people will like to call, it is an integral part of the Radiology curriculum be it MD ,DNB or DMRD. We have tried to aggregate radiology thesis topics from various sources for reference. Not everyone is interested in research and writing a Radiology thesis can be a […]

Comprehensive guide to crack the FRCR exam!

The motive behind starting RadioGyan.com was to provide concise information to radiology residents and practitioners on specific topics which are often neglected during residency. The FRCR exam is one such topic. I have always had a lot of questions about the FRCR exam and the lack of definite answers for these was one of the main […]

Guide for first year radiology residents

  Congratulations and welcome to Radiology- The most sought after the branch in medicine. There are lots to learn in radiology.  I am sure your friends must have discouraged you from taking up radiology, claiming it to be a “non-clinical” branch. But I am glad that you did not pay heed to that advice and […]

Guide for final year radiology residents and tips for the MD/DNB/DNB radiology exam!

Guide for final year radiology residents and tips for the MD/DNB/DNB radiology exam! Congratulations on surviving through three years of radiology!  The next task on hands is clearing the final radiology exam. The Indian examination system and the entire education system is far from perfect. You are expected to slog during the first year without […]