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Why did I take up Radiology?

Why Radiology

15 thoughts on “Why did I take up Radiology?”

  1. Dr Sunil Kalmath

    The TYPE of patient exposure is different. Radiology is an applied branch.

    Initial history , examination just as any other.

    Followed by what we call examination protocolling.

    The settings of the modality are set for evaluation of a particular clinical question. A common misconception is that a patient is put in a scanner and images come out ready to be interpreted. It is anything but that.

    Followed by protocolling is post processing.Raw data and basic images are digitally processed to obtain multiplanar images, intensity projections , virtual rendered images for evaluation.

    Certain clinical scenarios like renal Doppler , CT angiography for aortic aneurysms require calculation of distances and ratios for evaluation.

    Followed by this is comparison with previous exams for old /new pathology , response /progression/recurrence , staging/classification.

    Then comes the first draft of the “report “ which has been the only face of Radiology – for far too long I believe. Pertinent history, technique and salient imaging findings are described – in a style which answers the clinical question at hand.The final part of the report contains the radiological opinion , staging /classification, suggestions for further investigations as necessary.

    All scans are ideally monitored in person by the radiologist. Most non routine radiological examinations are performed by the radiologist himself /herself. I can vouch for that.

    Emergency radiological findings like trauma / infarct /CVA / obstetric emergencies are communicated by phone to the attending physician /surgeon. My colleagues and seniors will vouch for that.

    For those who claim that radiology is not a patient contact specialty – There are people of the radiological fraternity who’ve caught pulmonary tuberculosis – a disease of CLOSE AND PROLONGED CONTACT. The scars of battle with disease are the same, of not more.

    I have immense respect for every specialty out there and the spectrum of work done. But this is my two cents for a specialty I’ve given my blood and sweat to.

    Questions are welcome.

  2. Smita

    If radiologists can’t earn crores then why toppers are choosing it??
    Earning 2-3 lakhs per month is not a big deal today, MBAs, engineers, haldiram shop owners, everyone is earning that much.
    I want to become a doctor who cures patients and earn crores, I am confused between Medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and radiology.
    Please help.

    1. Vishal Kulgod

      Main reason why toppers take radiology isn’t because they earn more. It’s because of the lifestyle. You can earn lakhs in obg , surgery but your quality of life will be sacrificed .

  3. Raj yadav

    Considering lifestyle and earnings , Dermatology is probably comparable to RADIOLOGY.
    So why do most of the toppers choose Radiology over Dermatology ??

    1. Rasendu Manavadariya

      Because u have to look dirty skin in morning for derma but not in radio

    2. Debo

      Probably because , superspeciality option not there in derma and strating salary also lesser compared to radiology

  4. Akshit sharma

    Completely agree sir … 👍🏻👍🏻

  5. Anulatha

    One of the best articles I have come across….

  6. Vatsal

    What Is Better MLT or Radiology and i completed my bachelor is microbiology so how I can take admission in radiology ?…

    1. Hi Vatsal
      You will have to finish undergraduation i.e. MBBS (via NEET) and then attempt the PG NEET exam and score well to get into radiology.

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