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European Diploma in Radiology (EDiR) – The Complete Guide!

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EDiR : Your passport to be a better radiologist!


What is EDiR?

EDiR stands for European Diploma in Radiology.  This exam is conducted by the European Board of Radiology and the European Society of Radiology. 

Here is a brief introductory video for the EDiR at ECR 2019:

What are the benefits of the EDiR?

  • An international benchmark for general radiology and is officially and fully endorsed by the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) and the ESR.
  • The EDiR is recognized as an equivalent of the Polish exit training examination, the first part of the Turkish board examination and the image interpretation part of the Finnish national examination. Moreover, in order to practice radiology in The Netherlands, trainees must either pass their national board examination or the EDiR.


  • Currently, with the EDiR degree, we cannot practice in European countries, however, once u clear the exam it indicates that you are satisfying the curriculum of European radiology training.  EDiR is definitely an added value to the candidates’ CV, differentiating them from other contenders when applying for a job or fellowship.
  • Check this video from ECR 2019 describing an EDiR holders experience (You need to signup. Don’t worry it’s free! )

What is the EDiR exam structure?

The examination tests knowledge, skills, and competence in general radiology in three parts :

  • Multiple response questions (MCQs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Short cases (SCs): Computer-based examination (90 minutes).
  • Clinically Oriented Reasoning Evaluation (CORE): Practical-oriented cases, computer-based examination (90 minutes).

You can refer to this explanatory webinar from the ECR 2019 for a brief description of the exam 

Where and when is the EDiR exam conducted?

There are multiple exam centers for the exam, including New Delhi India and Islamabad. An advantage of appearing for the EDiR exam during ECR at Vienna is that when we register for the exam, fees for the ECR congress is waived off. To avail this we need to register 4-5 months early for the examination.

The EDiR exam is scheduled to be held in New Delhi on 16th and 17th November 2019. The venue (CTS EDiR Facebook page) is as follows:

Arwachin Bharti Bhawan Senior Secondary School C-Block, Vivek Vihar Near Balaji Hanuman Mandir Delhi – 110095 . The preliminary schedule is yet to be confirmed, but the exam should start around 9 AM and finish around 3 PM.

Next EDiR dates:

  • EDiR Moscow, November 08, 2019 – Apply NOW
  • EDir at New Delhi ,   March 29, 2020 – Apply NOW
  • EDiR at Islamabad, April 19, 2020
  • EDiR at Cairo, April 4, 2020

The updated EDiR exam calendar can be accessed from the  EDiR exam calendar page

Eligibility for the EDiR exam:

  • Candidates must at least be in their fifth year of national radiology training at the time of the examination.
  • Active membership of the relevant national radiological society in the year of the examination is required.
  • Candidates must be ESR full members, corresponding members or members in training in the year of the examination

Documentation required for the EDiR examination:

Below is the requested documentation during the online application process. There are direct links to download the proof templates. It is not necessary to use the templates provided, but all documents must be in English.

  • A proof of training indicating the duration of radiology training and expected date of completion (if not completed) issued by the training institution.  In case your training is complete we kindly ask you to send your Certificate of Completion of Training.
  • In cases where the duration of the training programme is less than five years, proof of experience as a supervised staff radiologist is required.
  • Proof of active membership of the relevant national radiological society.
  • A scanned copy of your passport.

How to apply for the EDiR exam?

Applications can be made online from the EDiR exam calendar page: Apply for the EDiR online


What are the fees for the EDiR exam?

  • €500 for full ESR members and ESR members in training.
  • €1,100 for corresponding ESR members.

Make sure you through the terms and conditions for the exam before applying

The examination is conducted at the specified centers with 90 min of each session. The only part which I felt tough was the MRQs part which consumes lot of time and few questions are little tougher than expected especially in cardiac, breast and MSK imaging. Most of the short and long cases are those we routinely see in our daily practice. In the CORE exam part, they ask you to describe the findings seen and what could be the next step of management. The scoring part for the exam is little complex and it is available on the website and you will be receiving a mail from them regarding the scoring system for each part.

What is the pass rate for the EDiR exam?

According to this publication by the European Board of Radiology, in 2017 the pass rate was approximately 70%.

What is the syllabus for the EDiR?

Quoting the same EBR paper:

  • Knowledge, skills, and competence in anatomy, pathophysiology, imaging procedures, physics and management in general radiology is tested.
  • 13 categories are included in all examinations: abdominal, breast, cardiac, chest/thorax, head, and neck, imaging physics including radiation safety, imaging pharmacology including contrast media and radiopharmaceuticals, interventional and vascular, management, musculoskeletal, pediatrics, urogenital and neuroradiology.
  • Check the distribution of each of these categories: EDiR category wise question distribution.

What do examiners expect at the EDiR from candidates?


Useful online resources for the EDiR exam:

EDiR Sample Examination

EDIR Bareceloma Preparatory Session:


EDiR exam: Few sample questions


Live EDiR examination: 


Here are all the latest Webinars from the European Board of Radiology:


100 revision slides before the EDiR exam:

Recommended books for EDiR exam from the official EDiR page:

This list is only for general guidance. All these are NOT NECESSARILY required to clear the examination.

General Radiology

Breast Radiology

Urogenital Radiology

EDiR case reviews:

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