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What It Means To Be A Radiologist: A Guide For Medical Students!

Dr. Ravi Ramakantan sir, one of the greatest Indian radiologists and a legendary teacher (former Head of Department Radiology, KEM Hospital Mumbai and Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai), does this interesting exercise in his radiology lectures in front of a packed audience. He asks everyone in the audience to close their eyes, be completely honest with themselves and raise their hands if the answer is yes:

Before selecting radiology as a career, did you know 100% what Radiology is all about?

In an audience of hundreds, hardly a few hands go up. He would do another exercise for every new batch of first-year radiology residents in his department. He would ask each one of them individually:

Why did you select Radiology as a career?

The answers would range from thoughtful silence to “I like photography”, “I want a chill life and earn big bucks” to “I would like to stay in touch with all organ systems and branches”. 

It is NEET-PG counseling time again and I get messages and calls from many places in India every year asking about radiology as a career choice. All the aspirants’ questions can be distilled into two broad ones:

This or That GIF

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