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Radiology Residency Tips : Beyond the Dark Room || Episode #1 – Dr. Sanjay P Yadav

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We discuss tips and tricks to make the most of your #radiology residency, radiology #wellbeing, work-life balance, & effective ways to keep yourself motivated during tough times! Watch the video till the end for some useful Radiology residency tips and tricks!

Here are time stamps:

  • 0:00 Stream starts
  • 2:37 Introduction
  • 5:00 Radiology as a career choice in India for medical students?
  • 7:27 Is radiology a clinical branch and how to make radiology more clinically relevant?
  • 9:55 What is the typical day of a radiologist like?
  • 11:15 What are some tips and tricks for first year radiology residents ?
  • 20:00 What is one radiology book that you recommend for residents?
  • 27:00 Childhood memories
  • 31:35 Should we be giving differential radiology reports or stick to a single diagnosis?
  • 33:30 What is the role of conventional radiology in today’s Radiology practice? 37:10 How to balance work, life and keeping up with reading as radiology practitioner?
  • 40:10 What is a patient-related memory of yours, and how do you cope up with failure?
  • 46:40 What is your motivation and what inspires you to work
  • 48:55 Hobbies outside the radiology dark room
  • 55:35 Take home message for radiology residents

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