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How to Be a Better Radiologist ? Beyond the Dark Room || Episode #2 – Dr. Anagha Joshi

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How to Be A Better Radiologist : In Conversation With Dr. Anagha Joshi.
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A fun conversation with Dr. Anagha Joshi. We discuss her Radiology journey and what helped her excel in her illustrious career. Dr. Joshi talks about how to be a successful radiologist, be motivated at your job and deal with imposter syndrome with self-doubt. We also discuss her love for Table Tennis and why pursuing our hobbies is important. How does one balance career and family life, especially for female radiologists ?

Here are time-stamps:

  • 0:00 Stream starts
  • 0:21 Introduction – Dr. Anagha Joshi
  • 1:50 How to stay motivated at work?
  • 4:00 Why radiology?
  • 7:30 Passion for LTMMC and Sion Hospital
  • 10:00 International Radiology Fellowships in the 1990s
  • 14:55 Early Childhood Memories
  • 16:53 Advice for Radiology Residents to Succeed in Life
  • 19:50 Advice for Residents Facing Difficulties
  • 25:15 Table Tennis Journey Dr. Anagha Joshi
  • 32:40 Pursuing Hobbies with Work
  • 35:10 Meeting Sachin Tendulkar
  • 37:55 Importance of Mentor in Life
  • 40:00 Gender-bias and Advantages of being a Female Radiologist
  • 43:55 How to Manage Career and Family Life
  • 46:48 Dr. Anagha Joshi Family
  • 48:30 Rapid-Fire Questions
  • 51:10 If Not a Radiologist then What?
  • 52:00 How to Deal with Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt
  • 55:00 Radiology- Past Present and Future (Artificial Intelligence)
  • 59:00 What is Dr. Anagha Joshi Proud Of ?

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2 thoughts on “How to Be a Better Radiologist ? Beyond the Dark Room || Episode #2 – Dr. Anagha Joshi”

  1. Jason Harvey

    Great Post! Remember that becoming a better radiologist is an ongoing journey. Embrace opportunities for growth, be open to change, and maintain a curiosity-driven approach to your profession.

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