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Spotters Set 43 – Classic Radiology Cases!

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Classic Radiology Cases

  1. Medulloblastoma. Do read this excellent artilce on pediatric brain tumors.
  2. Extragonadal Germ cell tumor with lung metastases.
  3. Spindle Cell tumor – Differential diagnosis – Neurogenic tumor.
  4. Chiari malformation 1.5. Ref: Osborn's Brain.
  5. Unilateral basal ganglia hyperdensity in nonketotic hyperglycemia Hemichorea Hemiballismus syndrome. Watch the clinical video showing the patient presentation.
  6. Giant cell tumor of the calcaneum. Differential diagnosis Aneurysmal Bone Cyst.
  7. Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome – Pelvic Inflammatory Disease with perihepatitis.
  8. Osseous endometrial metaplasia.
  9. Tuberculous dactylitis – Spina ventosa. Here is another companion case.
  10. Tuberculoma involving the medulla oblongata

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