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Pancreatic Necrosis:
Extrapancreatic complications (pleural effusion, ascites, vascular complications gastrointestinal tract involvement):
Modified CT severity index:
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Mortele Modified CT Severity Index (CTSI)for scoring acute pancreatitis

Prognostic IndicatorPoints
Pancreatic Inflammation
Normal pancreas0
Intrinsic pancreatic abnormalties with or without inflammatory changes in peripancreatic fat.2
Pancreatic or peripancreatic fluid collection or peripancreatic fat necrosis4
Pancreatic Necrosis
≤ 30%2
≥ 30%4
Extra Pancreatic Complications
One or more of following: Pleural Effusion, ascites, vascular complications, parenchymal complications, or gastrointestinal tract involvement.0

Atlanta Classification for Acute Pancreatitis

Type of acute pancreatitisDurationCollectionsCT description
Interstitial edematous pancreatitis< 4 weeksAcute Peripancreatic Fluid Collections (APFC)Homogeneous fluid density collection confined by normal peripancreatic fascial planes. No definable wall encapsulating. Adjacent to pancreas (no intrapancreatic extension)
>4 weeksPsuedocystWell circumscribed, usually round or oval homogeneous fluid density. No non-liquid component. Well defined wall; completely encapsulated
Necrotising pancreatitis< 4 weeksAcute Necrotic Collections (ANC)Heterogeneous, non-liquid density of varying degrees (some appear homogeneous early in the course). No definable wall encapsulating the collection.Location: Intrapancreatic and/ or extrapancreatic
>4 weeksWalled-off Necrosis (WONHeterogeneous, liquid and non-liquid density with varying degrees of loculations (some may appear homogeneous). Well defined wall; completely encapsulated. Location:Intrapancreatic and/or extrapancreatic

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Last Updated on December 18, 2020

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