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Spotters Set 22 – Obstetrics Gynecology Ultrasound (OBGY) special set!

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  1. Differentials : a. Intrauterine preg with degeneration in cornual fibroid and Interstitial pregnancy with intrauterine pseudosac. Patient responded to systemic methotrexate. Echogenic rim which represents trophoblastic reaction and  later on yolk sac was also visualised . Interstitial one is also sac cause it resolved by methotrexate, hence both are actual sac, suggesting heterotopic preg
  2. Ovarian torsion with formation of  hemorrhagic cyst and surrounding free fluid
  3. Placenta accreta
  4. Placental chorioangioma.
  5. Fundoanterior wall Fibroid with internal haemorrhage
  6. Cornual fibroid with internal haemorrhage
  7. BI RADS category 5 lesion.
  8. Hydrops with cystic hygroma.
  9. Cesarean scar ectopic
  10. Multicystic dysplastic kidney (MCDK).



One thought on “Spotters Set 22 – Obstetrics Gynecology Ultrasound (OBGY) special set!

  1. spotter 22 obstetric is not well , how come i diagnose ovarian torsion while the image presented is not CD?! , Also chorioangioma if without CD it has the same picture as subarachnoid hemorrhage
    in US in general the site and plan is to be mentioned

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