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Spotters set 21 – Plain Film Special!

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  1. Fungal ball / Aspergilloma in right lung.
  2. Calcific tendinosis involving right rotator cuff.
  3. Neuropathic joints (6Ds : Distended, Disorganized, Dislocated, Debris ,increased Density (sclerosis), Destruction)
  4. Hiatus hernia (retrocardiac air fluid level)
  5. Insertional calcific tendinitis involving Achilles tendon.
  6. Lymphoma.
  7. Adenocarcinoma right lower lobe with lymphangitic carcinomatosis.
  8. Osseous metastasis from carcinoma prostate.
  9. Reflex Sympathetic dystrophy (Observe the distal radius fracture)
  10. Achalasia cardia. 



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