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Spotters set 42 – Learning Radiology Spotters 2

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Learning Radiology Spotters

  1. Pneumoperitoneum – Gas under right diaphragm. 
  2. Adenomyosis – thickened junctional zone (more than 12mm)
  3. Small bowel ascariasis/worms.
  4. Sinking Skin Flap Syndrome.
  5. Ossified posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL).
  6. Bilateral submandibular calculi.
  7. Right middle lobe bronchiectasis – Mycobacterium avium complex infection AKA Lady Windermere syndrome. Read the interesting story behind this eponym  
  8. Racing car sign, Viking helmet sign – Corpus callosal agenesis.
  9. Arcuate foramen AKA ponticulus posticus or Kimmerle’s anomaly ( Annotated image)
  10. Median arcuate ligament syndrome.

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