FRCR exam preparation – An alternative take!

FRCR exam preparation – An alternative take! We already have published a couple of articles on preparation for the FRCR exam including a comprehensive guide. In this guest post, Dr. Pooja Hegde would like to share her FRCR exam preparation strategy! It is a very interesting take on the exam, definitely something that no one would have […]

FRCR 2B exam- Tips and Tricks !

FRCR 2B exam – Recent experience and a few tips and tricks!  This a guest post by Dr. Saurabh Joshi, a colleague and a good friend of mine who recently cleared the FRCR 2B exam. He shares his experience and tips and tricks that helped him sail through all the steps. He has also contributed […]

FRCR 2A notes by Dr Tamer Elhiti

FRCR 2A notes by Dr. Tamer Elhiti Dr. Tamer Elhiti had compiled excellent hand-written notes for the FRCR 2A exam. He has also agreed to share all these FRCR 2A notes with all of us for FREE. He has covered the exam topics under the following headings: Gastrointestinal radiology. Genitourinary system. Cardiovascular and Thoracic CNS and […]

Comprehensive guide to crack the FRCR exam!

The motive behind starting was to provide concise information to radiology residents and practitioners on specific topics which are often neglected during residency. The FRCR exam is one such topic. I have always had a lot of questions about the FRCR exam and the lack of definite answers for these was one of the main […]