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Radiology Informed Consent form in local Indian Languages

Radiology Informed Consent form in Indian Languages

Radiology Informed Consent form in Indian Languages

Radiology Informed Consent form in local Indian Languages

Informed consent is an important part of routine radiology practice. This includes not only day to day procedures but also research. You can read a nice article on informed consent in radiology practice on IJRI  or refer to the chapter on informed consent in the book by the same author. The page is best viewed on a desktop browser.

I have tried to translate an informed consent form to local Indian languages so that it is convenient for radiology residents and practitioners. Download link for the document is at the end of the post.

Radiology Informed consent forms are available for the following local Indian languages:

  • Radiology Informed Consent Hindi
  • Radiology Informed Consent Kannada
  • Radiology Informed Consent Marathi
  • Radiology Informed Consent Tamil
  • Radiology Informed Consent Telegu
  • Radiology Informed Consent Bengali
  • Radiology Informed Consent Punjabi
  • Radiology Informed Consent Gujarati
  • Radiology Informed Consent Sindhi
  • Radiology Informed Consent Urdu
  • Radiology Informed Consent Malayalam
  • Radiology Informed Consent Arabic


Let me know if there are any suggestions/edits as per your local language. These are samples of Informed consent forms for Radiology in local Indian languages.  You can download/print/ share the entire form here: Radiology Informed Consent form in local Indian Languages. If you wish to edit the document, click on the “view only” option and then “request access” button.  You can also download the PDF version of the document for reference and printing.

Few more resources related to Informed consent:


Thanks to Dr. Sanjay P Yadav sir for the materials used to compile this form.

More Radiology resources


Photo credits: rosefirerising


NOTE: The above document is only for REFERENCE purpose. You should edit it accordingly to suit your local language and confirm its authenticity. It is important to make sure that the translation is accurate because informed consent is a LEGAL DOCUMENT.  The responsibility of verifying the accuracy of the document is that of the person obtaining consent. RadioGyan.com is not responsible for any legal consequences of inaccurate translation of the informed consent document. 

Exteernal links are for reference ONLY and due deligence needs to be taken while using these consent forms depending on your local rules and regulations.

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Found an error in the post? Please let us know in the comments below or contact us and we will update it with due credits!

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