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Spotters Set 10

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  1. Right frontal meningioma.
  2. Enterocutaneous fistula. Click here for a labelled image.
  3. Right cerebellar tuberculous granuloma with hydrocephalus.
  4. Tuberous sclerosis.
  5. Teratoma.
  6. Adrenoleukodystrophy.
  7. Holoprosencephaly.
  8. Celiacomesenteric trunk.
  9. Lissencephaly and band hetero
  10. Dandy Walker Malformation. 


4 thoughts on “Spotters Set 10”

  1. balachandran

    I have send a set of 10 images as spotter set.on 27/06/18
    Kindly let me know whether you received it or not

  2. spotter set 10 slide 6 :it is written in history 6 year old (girl )with seizures, and in answer sheat it is written adrenoleukdystrophy which is X-linked affect males and when affect female carriers they present late

    1. Thank you Dr Mariam for pointing that out. You are right. It was an error on our part. We have now made the correction.

      Thank you once again. Critical feedback is important to maintain the quality and accuracy of the cases , especially when only a handful people curate them.

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