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Spotters Set 57 – Classic Radiology Cases 3

Last Updated on March 2, 2020

Classic Radiology Cases

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  1. Subcutaneous epidermoid cyst – “pseudotestis appearance” on ultrasound with restricted diffusion on the MRI images.
  2. Branchial fistula.
  3. Solid Pseudopapillary Epithelial Neoplasm (SPEN) of the pancreatic tail. These are commonly seen in young females and associated with hemorrhage. Here is a good mnemonic for cystic pancreatic tumors: RadioGyan Thursday Tip.
  4. Acute epiploic appendagitis.
  5. Retinal detachment (Compare with choroidal detachment).
  6. Meconium peritonitis – Multiple foci of abdominal calcification in a neonate
  7. Double-bubble sign – duodenal atresia
  8. Sigmoid diverticulosis
  9. CSF pulsation artifact in the third ventricle on FLAIR images. Read more about radiographic / US / CT / MRI artifacts
  10. Positive anterior and posterior fat pad sign suggesting hemarthrosis due to fracture.

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These classic radiology cases have been contributed by Dr. Manoj Jadhav. Dr. Manoj has completed his MD in radiology and has trained in reputed institutes. He has recently cleared the EDiR exam as well. He is currently pursuing a fellowship in fetal imaging in Bengaluru, India. You can check out the previous cases uploaded by him (and other authors) on our contributing authors page.

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Dr. Amar Udare, MD

Dr. Amar Udare has completed medical school from KEM Hospital Mumbai and radiology residency from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. He is a board-certified radiologist.

He has also completed fellowships in body imaging from Mumbai and Ottawa and is currently pursuing a fellowship in cross-section imaging at McMaster University, Canada.

He has a passion for teaching and his area of interest is body imaging. He started the website, RadioGyan to share radiology resources and cases to help residents and radiologists (#FOAMrad #radiology). He was a semi-finalist for the 2018 and 2020 Aunt-Minnie Most effective Radiology Educator Award.

You can read my most recent publications on: PubMed and Google Scholar

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