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Radiology Conferences and Webinars [2022]


Radiology Conferences and Online Webinars

  • Conferences and CMEs are the best way to keep yourself updated with the recent advances in radiology.
  • Upcoming radiology conferences and CME in India are updated in the above window from latest to old, upwards.
  • These are especially important for practicing radiologists as its difficult to balance academics and private practice. Conferences that cover topics we encounter in our routine practice are more helpful than those that primarily focus on advanced imaging methods.
  • Bookmark this page to learn about upcoming radiology conferences in India (‘Ctrl+D’ (Windows)/ ‘⌘ +D’ (Mac users)
  • Residents should avoid attending conferences in their first year of radiology as there is not much to gain. That time will be more productive if spent in the department.
  • The excel sheet has an updated list of radiology conferences in India.
  • You can join our telegram channel for conference updates as well.

Latest Radiology Conferences, Webinars, and CMEs in India

Planning to attend an international conference? Check out our elaborate guide:

List of annual radiology conferences in India:

  1. Indian Radiological and Imaging Association 74 th National Annual Conference (IRIA).
  2. International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Indian Chapter Radiology conference.
  3. 22nd Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
  4. Nanavati MRI conference (Nanavati MRI teaching course).
  5. Maharashtra State Branch Of Indian Radiology And Imaging Association 2020 radiology conference
  7. SFM – ISUOG Fetal Growth World Congress 2020.
  8. Indian Association Of Cardiac Imaging
    1. Annual Conference.
    2. Mid-Term Conference .
  9. Intensive MRI Breast Reading Course and MRI Intervention Workshop, Chennai 2020.
  10. For final-year residents, there are a lot of exam-oriented conferences like:
    1. RARE
    2. Krest Kochi Radiodiagnosis training program.
    3. Radiology Education Foundation Course.

Most of the conferences are covered above. You can also check out this calendar for recent radiology conferences in India. Click on the individual links for more information.

Check out the updated webinar calendar here:  Updated Radiology Webinar calendar.

  • Recently a lot of institutions and individual radiologists have been conducting live webinars online on platforms used online, including Zoom and GoTo Webinar.
  • These links are live and you need fresh links for each lecture.
  • We share most of them in our telegram channel and telegram group.
  • You can search these using the hashtag #RGwebinars in Telegram directly.

Useful tips for conference organizers

  • Utilize the power of social media. There are a lot of active radiology groups on Telegram and WhatsApp, where you can share your digital brochures. You can click to join our telegram and WhatsApp groups. At the same time, it is prudent to send messages only to relevant groups and avoid sending the same message repeatedly.
  • Make sure you proof check your brochures before you send the final version. Grammarly is a great tool for proofreading documents across various platforms.
  • Best formats for sending digital brochure is JPG/image as the user does not need a separate app to view it. If possible compress the images before sending as large images can take forever to download on mobile devices. Here is a free online tool to compress images: TinyJPG
  • The next best format is PDF as the formatting you have used to create the brochure is maintained. Remember that the brochure gets shared to different devices and different operating platforms like Android, macOS, iPads. Often PowerPoint gets displayed differently on various devices, so that is the least preferred format.
  • Always share online links to the registration page and the brochure image as a caption. This makes it simpler for users to register for the conference rather than searching for the registration link online.
  • Google forms is an easy way to get registrations for free events. Here is a sample form: Sample Radiology Conference registration form.
  • The responses are automatically saved in a Google sheet (Google’s free online version of Excel), making it easy for organizers. Here is the Google Sheet from the above sample form: Sample Google sheet

International Radiology Conferences listings:

More radiology resources here: Radiology resources –


  • If you wish your conference brochure to be uploaded or your conference to be listed you can contact us.
  • RadioGyan is not affiliated to any of the conferences and neither has no conflict of interest. The motive of the page is to list all recent updates in one place.
  • The listings are for the convenience of conference participants and most of these are published by the event organizers. RadioGyan does not confirm the authenticity and accuracy of these. It is recommended that users do their due diligence before booking for an event.

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