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Spotters Set 6- MSK special set!

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RadCases Radiology spotters

  1. Adhesive capsulitis
  2. Slow flow vascular malformation
  3. Arachnoid cyst
  4. Mueller Weiss syndrome.
  5. Anconeus epitrochlearis
  6. Neurofibromatosis with FASIs in basal ganglia
  7. Chronic osteomyelitis with sinus.
  8. Avulsion fracture of right ASIS
  9. Subchondral Insufficiency Fracture of Knee (SIFK) earlier called SPONK
  10. Cavitary metastases and pneumothorax in a patient with osteosarcoma.
  • This is a special MSK Radiology special spotter set. Cases collected from Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Dr. Sanjay Desai. Read about their MSK fellowship here.
  • This post has 10 MSK radiology spotters.
  • Spotters slides will advance automatically at the end of a minute.
  • Most of the spotters are straightforward.
  • Best way to attempt is to write down answers on a piece of paper and then check them at the end of the presentation.
  • Answer slides are at the end of each presentation which are accompanied by links to individual cases if you wish to read more about these.
  • Get into the practice of writing COMPLETE answers for all spotters so that you do not commit silly mistakes in the exam. For eg “Osteosarcoma involving the right distal femur” is a better answer than just writing “osteosarcoma”.
  • Here are a couple of more videos for MSK spotters courtesy Dr Chris Beaulieu. This has 50 MSK spotter/board review cases and more than one hour of MSK radiology content!

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