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Schatzker Classification of Tibial Plateau Fractures


The Schatzker classification system for tibial plateau fractures helps orthopedic surgeons to assess the initial injury, plan management, and predict prognosis. It was initially described on radiographs but CT and MRI are more accurate. There are six fracture types in increasing order of severity and worse prognosis.

Schatzker Classification of tibial plateau fractures

Type I Lateral plateau fracture without depression or depression <4mm
Type II Lateral plateau fracture with depression
Type III Pure depression fracture – IIIA Lateral; IIIB – Central depression
Type IV Medial plateau fracture
Type V Bicondylar fracture
Type VI Plateau fracture with diaphyseal discontinuity.
Types I-III are low-energy injuries while IV-VI are high-energy injuries


Schatzker classification of tibial plateau fractures

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