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How to View HeadNeckBrainSpine Anatomy Modules?

Headneckbrainspine.com is was an excellent resource for radiological anatomy. Unfortunately, the site is down for quite some time now. Even when it was online, there were issues as Adobe had retired their Flash Player which runs these files on the website.

A workaround is to use the Adobe Flash Debugger to run individual SWF files from the website. Thanks to Dr.Terry Tsoi and username ‘Apoplexy’ on SDN for this work around!

Step 1: Download the following SWF files on your computer:

I was able to find the following files from the website on Internet Archive. All copyright to the content is with the original create (Brett Young). These are shared here until the website is back and running. If you are the creator of this website or if you know the author, kindly contact me!

Step 2: Download and install the Adobe Flash Debugger (Flash Player Projector Content Debugger) from the official website: Download Adobe Debugger for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Download Adobe Flash Debugger

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