Spotters set 36 – Normal anatomy variants radiology

Normal anatomy variants radiology

  1. Accessory right sacroiliac joint with arthrosis
  2. Incomplete dorsal pancreatic agenesis with dilated MPD
  3. Pelvic lipomatosis
  4. Renal sinus lipomatosis
  5. Low bifurcation of carotid at the level of thyroid gland
  6. Lumbosacral Transitional Vertebra (Castellvi type IIA). If associated with pain it is often termed as Bertolotti syndrome.
  7. Dystopic Os odontoideum.
  8. BESS(Benign enlargement of subarachnoid space)
  9. Bilateral choroid plexus cysts
  10. Enlarged Virchow Robin space.  



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