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RadioGyan Hall of Fame!

RadioGyan Hall of Fame

RadioGyan Hall of Fame!

RadioGyan will like to thank members who regularly help the website with valuable feedback and contributions in the form of cases. All feedback is important and helps us improve the website and its features. We will also like to thank the residents and radiologists who actively participate in case discussions in our RadioGyan Telegram channel, Telegram group, and WhatsApp groups. It is a small list currently but I am sure it will grow slowly and steadily.

So here is the RadioGyan Hall of Fame!

  • Contributors especially Dr. Sanjay P Yadav sir and Dr. Atul Deshmukh sir for helping with cases and learning material for radiology.
  • Top Supporters:
    • Dr. Zulfikar Ali, India
    • Dr. Ayush Jain
    • Dr. Dheeraj Neelagiri
    • Dr. Keerthi Shiva Chaitanya
    • Dr. Ravindra B.N.
  • Residents Hall of Fame for active participation in RadioGyan Radiology groups:
    • Dr.Archana Reddy T, from Bengaluru India.
    • Dr.Bichu Xavier from India.
    • Dr. Sana Quadri from Hyderabad, India.
    • Dr. Abu Aiad Ali from Cairo Egypt.
    • Dr. Soumya Tangudu, from Hull, UK
    • Dr. Muthla Mohamed,  Nairobi, Kenya
    • Dr. Manish Chetwni, India
    • Dr. Raktim Mukherjee, Chennai, India
    • Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Indonesia
    • Dr Hicham Echamli, Spanish Melilla Hospital
  • Members providing valuable feedback for the website:
    • Dr. B Yashwanth  Bangalore, India.

You can too help the website in the following ways:



Image credits: jimmydavao

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