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Causes Of Pulmonary Cavity – Visual Mnemonics

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Pulmonary Cavity Mnemonic
Differential Diagnoses for cavitary lung lesions l

Here is an example of a cavitating lung metastases in a patient with colon cancer.

Cavitating lung metastases from colon-Cancer CT image
Multiple pulmonary metastases noted, one of which in the left lower lobe shows central cavitation.

Metastases from which primary malignancy are known to cause pneumothorax?

Cavitary Metastasis From Osteosarcoma Radiology Case
Cavitary Metastases and Pneumothorax. What primary causes these? Let me know in the comments.

Remember CAVITY for causes of Pulmonary Cavity

C – Cancer – MC: Squamous cell carcinoma
A – Autoimmune – Granulomatosis with polyangiitis / Rheumatoid arthritis
V- Vascular – Pulmonary emboli (blend or septic)
I – Infection – Bacterial or Fungal
T -Trauma – Pneumatocele
Y- Youth – CPAM/ Bronchogenic cyst / Pulmonary sequestration

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