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Best Online Radiology Learning Resources

In this video we discuss the best radiology resources for radiology residents, including websites, apps, social media, gadgets etc.

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Overview of this Lesson

This lesson provides a comprehensive list of online radiology learning resources and tips for effective searching on platforms like Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram. It emphasizes the importance of using customized search engines, exploring educational playlists, and following relevant accounts on social media to enhance learning in radiology.

Key Takeaway Points from this Lesson

  • Utilize Google Images for more efficient searching and quick access to relevant articles.
  • Refine search queries on YouTube to find presentations, PDFs, and other resources directly.
  • Use specialized search engines like RepsRadiology and Radiopaedia for direct PDF downloads and illustrative examples.
  • Explore websites like Radiology Assistant and ECR Education for learning tools and case examples.
  • Follow relevant accounts on Twitter and Instagram that share radiology cases, educational content, and illustrations.
  • Join Telegram groups focused on radiology to access practice questions, discussions, and valuable resources.

Actionable Goal

Within the next week, create a customized Twitter list or Instagram feed with accounts that share valuable radiology content. Spend at least 10 minutes each day engaging with the content shared by these accounts to enhance your radiology learning experience.


  1. What is one benefit of using Google Images for searching in radiology?
    • A. It provides direct access to relevant articles.
    • B. It offers more comprehensive search results than Google search.
    • C. It allows users to read non-relevant articles quickly.
    • D. It provides detailed information about authors and publications.
Answer: A
Explanation: Google Images can provide quick access to relevant articles through visual search results, allowing users to find the desired information more efficiently.
  1. Which specialized search engine offers direct PDF downloads and focuses on providing articles that can be downloaded without visiting the website?
    • A. Google Scholar
    • B. RGSearch
    • C. Radiopaedia
    • D. PubMed
Answer: B
Explanation: RGSearch is a specialized search engine that offers direct PDF downloads for articles, saving time by eliminating the need to visit individual websites.
  1. What is one advantage of following relevant accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for radiology learning?
    • A. Access to interactive quizzes and exams
    • B. Exclusive access to paid learning resources
    • C. Opportunities to engage with renowned radiologists
    • D. Direct links to full-length radiology textbooks
Answer: C
Explanation: Following relevant accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram allows learners to engage with renowned radiologists, access discussions, and stay updated with the latest developments in the field.
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