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Spotters Set 52 – Interesting Radiology cases 4

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Interesting Radiology Cases

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  1. Cerebellar cavernoma
    • MR has a higher sensitivity than CT
    • Typical appearance of well-defined mass surrounded by a hemosiderin rim (“popcorn ball appearance”), best seen on GRE images
    • Typically do not exhibit mass effect unless there is recent bleeding
    • Can be associated with a venous angioma (Case 5 in this spotters set).
    • Cavernomas are classified using the Zabramski classification on MRI. Type I and II cavernomas are more prone to bleeding
      • Type I: Subacute hemorrhage
      • Type II: Differently aged hemorrhages – Most common.
      • TypeIII: Chronic hemorrhage
      • Type IV: Punctate microhemorrhages
  2. Right inguinal cystocele.
  3. Diffuse vertebral sclerosis in Renal osteodystrophy. Differentials: Metastasis, myelofibrosis, hypoparathyroidism, osteopetrosis.
  4. Bilateral paradoxical turbinates (Revise normal PNS anatomy)
  5. Left ovarian dermoid cyst AKA mature cystic teratoma with an echogenic Rokitansky nodule.
    • Derivates from at least two out of three germ cell layers are present, ectoderm predominates.
    • Signs associated with a dermoid cyst on USG:
      • Dermoid plug: Echogenic Rokitansky nodule with shadowing
      • Dermoid mesh: Linear echogenic strands with posterior acoustic shadowing from hair strands. Also gives rise to dot-dash pattern
      • Tip of the iceberg: Multiple interfaces obscure the posterior wall and major portion of the lesion, similar to an iceberg
      • Mobile spherules (rare)
      • Fat-fluid level. 
  6.  Myxopapillary ependymoma involving the conus medullaris
  7. Foramen magnum meningioma
  8. Spinal tuberculosis (Pott’s spine) with psoas abscess.
  9. Fungal ball
  10. Sublingual epidermoid cyst.

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