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Radiology Jobs India and Abroad !

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Radiology Jobs India and Abroad!

As I have reiterated multiple times the motive of starting RadioGyan was to help out radiology residents and practitioners in whatever way possible. We are now integrating a web-based interactive radiology jobs portal on RadioGyan. Radiologists, especially juniors who are starting off who are often exploited by employers. This group gives them an idea about the work hours and expected salary. This information is often not available as not everyone is comfortable discussing their own salary. In this group, radiologists will get an idea about what is the approximate salary in that particular area for that experience.
Apart from job opportunities, this is a good portal to discuss the future of radiology jobs, especially with the advent of Artificial Intelligence  (AI) and how that will affect Radiology Jobs.
This is on an experimental basis and if it works out well we shall definitely continue and improve it.

How is this different from other radiology jobs portals?

This is more of an interactive webpage where you can get to interact directly with the person posting the job. This works best for both, the employer and employee. Apart from that, we have a lot of honest radiologists who give us their opinion about their prior experiences at a particular workplace. At the same time, Employers also can give opinions about a particular radiologist. Most of the members are radiologists themselves so this serves as direct communication between the employer and employee. This makes the radiologist jobs market transparent. These postings include teleradiology openings, private diagnostic centers, hospitals, and government medical colleges as well.

What is this radiology jobs chat portal?

We have integrated this portal using a telegram group started by Dr. Vineet Wadhwa. He has been managing this group for more than a year and has done an excellent job. I am obliged that he has agreed to share the group with us. Kudos to his selfless hard work! After hours of coding and failed attempts, I have been able to integrate the telegram chat into the webpage so that people who do not use telegram, can use this portal.

How does this radiology job portal work?

You can find radiology job opportunities from India and abroad. The group mainly focuses on Indian Radiology Jobs but we are trying to integrate as many countries as possible. You can log in using Facebook or google if you want to post a message. You will have to authorize the software that manages the chat: chatbro to log in. You do not need a login if you only want to browse through the radiology jobs postings. You can search for particular search terms like “Mumbai”, “ultrasound”, “Delhi”, by clicking Control + F (Windows) / Command + F (Mac) or by “find in page” option on your mobile phones.

  • For Radiologists seeking jobs: You can go through history and look for job opportunities posted. Most of these have details of the jobs, like :
    • Modalities available.
    • Experience expected.
    • Approximate pay scale.
    • Location.
    • Kind of workplace (hospital, private diagnostic center, medical college, etc).
  • For Radiology employers: There are approximately 2000 radiologists who are a member of this group and the number is increasing. You can post your radiology job requirements with details as mentioned above and radiologists interested can ping you back on the contact numbers/email you provide. If you want to list job openings you can ping us on Telegram as well.

How can I provide feedback about a particular employer or radiologist?

You can submit anonymous feedback about a particular employer, hospital, government institute, PCPNDT issues or a radiologist using this google form. We shall post it in the group for everyone. This way your identity is safe and other radiologists/employers benefit. Please be honest and fair with your reviews as it will help OUR radiology colleagues. Google form radiology jobs anonymous feedback

I am impressed. This is so good. Is it?

  • This is far from perfect at its present implementation. There is no way to confirm the authenticity of these radiology job postings. It will be difficult for me personally, Dr. Vineet or anyone to do that. So you have to do due diligence before accepting a radiology job offer or a radiology employee. This is definitely a great starting point!
  • Currently, we are focussed on Indian Radiology job opportunities. As more and more people join the group we will integrate others as well.
  • There are other posts in the group apart from radiology jobs, like radiology conferences and fellowship opportunities but there is no spam for sure.
  • Older posts are not available. We are trying to get the old chats so that we have previous postings. You can always bookmark the page and check for fresh job openings!
  • There is no way to figure out if a particular post has been filled, apart from calling up the contact.

This a crowd-sourced resource hence its success depends on the members involved. So far we have an excellent radiology community in the group, actively helping each other. Together we CAN and we WILL!  Thanks to Dr. Vineet Wadhwa once again for helping us out! You can joint this Telegram group as well. 

Enough of Gyan! Here is the portal. Happy Job hunting and best wishes from Team RadioGyan!
Kindly refresh the page if the chat does not load. The chat will load depending on your network speed so be patient till it loads. The page works best with the Chrome browser. If there are issues loading the plugin and all you see is a blank space, please do contact me.

Career advise for radiology residents:


Career advice for radiology residents
Career Advice

Courtesy Dr. Adam Cifu

Terms and conditions before accepting a Radiology Job:

Often fresher radiologists are exploited by employers. Also, there are a lot of clauses that freshers are not aware of and they end up overworking. Making a written agreement is a MUST irrespective of how small or big the center is. Make sure that you agree to all terms (monetary and non-monetary) before you sign in an agreement. Here is a list of terms and conditions that one can agree upon with the employer before joining the position. Note that these are rough guidelines and one should do due diligence depending on the place that he or she is joining and mutual agreement with the owner. Thanks to Dr. Shilpa Agarwal who has meticulously compiled this exhaustive list!

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Disclaimer: Jobs posted here are ONLY for reference. RadioGyan.com cannot and does not confirm the authenticity of the information. We are not responsible for these postings as most of these are crowdsourced. Also, we are not affiliated with these postings in any way.

Image courtesy: Thindjobpoint [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], from Wikimedia Commons