FRCR 2A notes by Dr Tamer Elhiti

FRCR 2A notes by Dr. Tamer Elhiti Dr. Tamer Elhiti had compiled excellent hand-written notes for the FRCR 2A exam. He has also agreed to share all these FRCR 2A notes with all of us for FREE. He has covered the exam topics under the following headings: Gastrointestinal radiology. Genitourinary system. Cardiovascular and Thoracic CNS and […]

Radiology Exam Resources

Radiology Exam Resources : There are a lot of free radiology resources online but before the exams, it is difficult to browse through all of them. Also, you might just end up surfing from one website to another without actually learning anything. A lot of FREE to share radiology notes are available which are usually […]